The Liberal Party of Canada made a tantalizing promise to the women voters in 1997, but failed to deliver:

Their new divorce laws that would be enacted by May 1997 would eliminate poverty for women and single mothers by upping child-spousal support court awards. The Liberals’ appeal to women voters helped Liberals in the next month (June 1997) when they called an election. To date the majority of women still have not realized that what was promised has proven to be a sham at the outset (see U of Calgary Report) and a betrayal (see the facts below in reports of failure to improve women’s poverty, no change).

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Facts: Failure in more than a decade since 1997 Divorce Act (sources, see links in Red font):

  • Government audits show $billions in payment backlogs for Enforcement Agencies: 1999. Within the first 2 years after Liberal’s 1997 Divorce Act, at the end of 1999, the FRO was 1.2 billion dollars behind in child support for women. As of March 2003, the FRO was 1.3 billion dollars behind in child support.
  • Then $billions in payment backlogs: Subsequent audits indicate continued failure. The Auditor General of Ontario Report of 2010  on Ontario’s FRO put one backlog at $1.6 billion allocated to women but not paid (open report, scroll to Page 12, right column, read Support Payments in Arrears).
  • Non-governmental Independent Reports from a women’s national child-family poverty organization show no change in poverty in during the 10 years after Liberals enacted their 1997 Laws: 2008 Report and in 2009 Report.
  • Statistics Canada 2008 report : little or no change for women in poverty in 10 years since Liberal’s enactment.
So, what has been the outcome of enacting harsh laws at the Federal and Provincial levels? –
  • No change in women’s poverty since enactment.
  • Fathers have been turned into felons and continue to be as job changes bring lower and lower wages but arrears increase courtesy of oblivious courts and enforcement agencies.
  • By the actions of courts, fathers are given the message that their children have become “part of the problem” to avoid at all costs.
  • Children have been separated from one of their parents, contributing to malformed character development.
  • Everyone is made poorer: children, parents, families, provinces, municipalities, Canada.
  • Despite today’s law makers being fully aware, they are either unable to fully comprehend the meaning of these outcomes, or, they see the consequences and deliberately ignore the harm and make a conscious decision to fail to reform or repeal Federal and Provincial Acts based in the political ambitions of past governments.
  • Evidently, today’s elected political leaders still think they are doing a marvelous job for their constituents.